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PCD (polycrystalline diamond)

SF Diamond (SFD for short) PCD is produced by advanced high temperature and ultra-high pressure technology. Specially selected diamond powders are sintered together in the presence of a catalyst metal such that strong diamond-to-diamond bonding occurs.

SFD’s PCD (polycrystalline diamond) replace old-fashioned, traditional hard alloys in the following respects:

1. Long Service Life - due to high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance, the service life of superhard tools is 50 to 200 times longer than traditional hard alloy tools;

2. High Precision - due to the low wear rate and low coefficient of thermal expansion, superhard tools provide the highest precision;

3. High Work Efficiency; composite superhard tools long service life increases the production efficiency and the economic benefit realized by SFD’s customers.

SFD products are widely used in oil & gas drilling, mining, wire and cable drawing, nonferrous and nonmetallic materials machining, building materials, automobile, railroad, aerospace, national defense and other industries.

SFD products include:

PDC cutters for oil & gas drilling, mining picks, and downhole hammer bits

PDC Cutters for Mining

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) Die Blanks for wire drawing

PCD cutting tool blanks for machining, and precision finished cutting tools.

TSP (thermally stable polycrystalline diamond) is mainly for core drill bits.

SFD’s premium polycrystalline PDC cutters for oil and gas drilling give excellent results.

Compared with traditional roller-cone bits, PDC drill bits have much longer service life and a higher drilling rate, which greatly reduces the cost of drilling.

SFD PDC cutters for the oil and gas industry are used in more than 40 countries world-wide, including China, the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, Germany and Italy.

In 2004, SFD developed PDC compacts for mining drilling. They are widely used in geological prospecting, coal mining, mine roof bolting, and other fields. SFD is the leading brand in the mining drilling industry with the largest market share.

SFD’s PCD wire-drawing die blanks have excellent toughness, and high thermal conductivity, wear resistance and hardness. They are used to make wire from copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other alloy materials. Their service life is 100 to 300 times longer than that of the old-fashioned hard alloy wire-drawing dies. Wire made with PCD diamond dies is very consistent, and fine in finish.

SFD is one of the top three global PCD wire-drawing die blank producers.

In addition to PCD, SFD also makes another advanced superhard material called PCBN. PCBN is used for machining iron and steel alloys, while PCD is used for machining non-ferrous metals and alloys.

SFD’s PCD and PCBN materials are capable of high-speed cutting and machining, with high precision, and very long service life.

PCD and PCBN blanks are widely used to produce high precision superhard cutting tools for the aerospace, automobile, ceramics, woodworking, solar energy and other industries.

SFD’s PCD products, with their consistent quality and excellent performance, have achieved worldwide distribution.


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