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 PDC cutters for oil & gas drilling application

SF Diamond (“SFD”) has specialized in the manufacture of polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC) for the Oil & Gas drilling industry since 1997. SFD’s ongoing research and development in PDC cutter technology provides products meeting the complete range of customer requirements.

PDC cutters are manufactured using state-of-the-art sintering processes. A layer of tough polycrystalline diamond is integrally grown onto a tungsten carbide substrate under extremely high pressure and high temperature. PDC cutters combine the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide. Drill bits using PDC cutters provide faster, more durable and more cost-effective drilling.

SFD has made dramatic improvements in PDC cutter performance since 2008, when the company began working with international teams specializing in this technology. We have successfully launched a number of high-performance PDC cutters resulting from these efforts.

SFD provides both standard and premium performance PDC cutters.

Standard PDC cutters are available in planar and non-planar interface. Unique patented interface geometry and good diamond properties contribute to reduced residual stress, high impact resistance and good abrasion resistance. Enhanced design features and improvements provide excellent performance in drilling soft to medium formations.

Premium PDC cutters are tailored to meet the needs of highly demanding drilling applications. The integrated design minimizes residual stress, and improves cutter toughness and resistance to chipping. The combination of advanced interface geometry and diamond properties provides increased Rate of Penetration (ROP) and longer bit life in highly demanding drilling applications. SFD premium PDC cutters provide significant improvements in the field, compared to standard PDC cutters in today’s market.



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SFD PDC cutters can be provided in sizes from 6mm to 22mm in diameter, and 3mm to 19mm in length. Special purpose PDC cutters can be designed and manufactured with different diameters, lengths, shapes, and chamfers to meet your unique specifications.


SFD PDC cutters with other shapes 

SFD also manufactures PDC dome, conical and chisel cutters. These can be used as impact arrestors for PDC drill bits; as cutting structures for roller cone drill bits and downhole hammer/percussion bits; and as gage protection for all drill bits and other downhole tools such as stabilizers, reamers, hole-openers, etc.


Future SFD Oil/Gas product development targets

SFD is focused on continuously providing new cutter options. The company is working in two areas in particular.

The Abrasion Resistance series PDC cutters are designed for maximum abrasion resistance. They will have characteristics well suited for highly abrasive applications, and for drilling extremely long intervals, such as in long horizontal well-bores.

The Impact / Toughness series PDC cutters are optimized for very high impact resistance and toughness in difficult drilling applications. SFD considers these characteristics to be complementary but distinct. High Impact Resistance means the cutter can take large single dynamic blows successfully. High Toughness means that under repeated lesser impacts over a long period of time, the cutter is resistant to chipping, flaking and spalling.


Quality Control

SF Diamond achieved ISO certification in 2001. SFD’S certified quality program ensures the best possible product consistency and uniformity for each of our product, and guarantees the delivery of defect free products and 100% customer satisfaction.

SFD has set up a new performance test laboratory, and uses world-class testing and inspection equipments both for product development and for quality control. We subject our cutters to rigorous testing, to ensure SFD cutters meet the highest quality standards.

Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL) Heavy Wear Test

SFD’s premier test apparatus is the large VTL used for performance and high-energy testing of PDC cutters.

The VTL machine is equipped to perform both wet and dry PDC tests, in granite and composite cement samples. As the PDC cutter cuts through miles of granite, we monitor temperature and cutting forces, and measure cutter wear volume periodically and at the end of the test. This allows us to evaluate cutters’ aggressiveness, efficiency, abrasion resistance and thermal stability.

Impact Resistance Test

The drop impact test evaluates the impact strength of our PDC cutters. This test emulates the type of loading that might be encountered when the bit transitions from one formation to another or experiences lateral and axial vibrations.

Drop impact testing is part of PDC development. It screens cutters to make sure they are not too “fragile”. While this is an industry-standard test, it should be noted that the drop impact test does not duplicate all impact-related downhole conditions. Other test development efforts for impact resistance testing are underway.

Simulated Brazing Test

Simulating the actual brazing environment, we run three simulated brazing cycles for thermal proof testing. After each brazing cycle we check for cracks and delamination using dye-penetrant testing and ultrasonic C-Scan. Brazing tests insures that the customer will not experience problems in brazing PDC cutters into bits, and in repairing PDC bits.

Why choose SF Diamond?

1. Superior and Consistent Quality

SFD has established production lines used exclusively for each of its products. All processes are computer-controlled. Automated work processes, well-trained workforce and constant process monitoring from the very beginning ensures the consistent quality of SFD products.

SFD has world-class inspection equipments at every step of the quality control process.

2. On-time Delivery

SFD is the largest composite super-hard material manufacture base in China. SFD’s large capacity assures its ability to meet all required production demands. SFD can make prompt delivery on your request.

3. International R & D team

To ensure consistent and reliable PDC cutters for the Oil & Gas industry, SFD has established an international R&D team. SFD products are continuously updated to meet the changing demands of the market, and the requirements of our customers. We will work with you to understand your needs, and recommend or develop the most suitable products for you.

4. Excellent service

We have a professional international sales team, all with rich industry experience and international trade knowledge. Effective communications will help to save you time, and make transactions with SFD easier and worry-free. Our sales desks are available for your calls 24 hours a day.

5. Personalized service

SFD is interested in developing special cutters that you may require. We are available to cooperate with you on the R&D of new projects together, combining the resources and advantages of both sides. A wide range of such personalized services are available here at SFD.



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