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  • Name: Synthetic diamond grits & powders

Synthetic Diamond Monocrystal

As the hardest material known, synthetic diamond monocrystal is widely used for metallurgy, oil drilling, construction engineering, mechanical processing, instruments, electronic industries, aviations and space field etc. We can supply full range of synthetic diamond with very stable quality to meet customers’ needs.

We offer broad grade for different application; we also offer rich mesh.


The small difference value between Ti and TTi, shows the stable performance.

 Synthetic Diamond Multinano-crystal

Synthetic Diamond Multinano-crystal is widely used for manufacturing resin bond grinding wheels. Its unique fracturing characteristic produces a free cutting action that provides optimal performance when machining nonferrous materials such as tungsten carbide, glass and a variety of ceramics. 

Dark green color, medium tough and micro-friable multinano-crystal, irregular sharp, perfect self sharpen ability. Best choice for maintaining grinding performance and tool life.



SFD diamond micron powder is designed for grinding, lapping, polishing and fine finishing application. It is mainly used in the fine machining and finishing of glass, ceramics, tungsten carbide, semi-conductors, electronic components, PCD and PCBN tools. We supply a wide range, from 0~1 to 36~54 microns.




Monocrystal Diamond Micron Powder

Selecting monocrystalline diamond as the raw material, our diamond powder is produced through crushing, shaping, purifying and grading. As a kind of super hard abrasive, it has features of high hardness, strength, toughness, good thermal conductivity and fine heat stability and impact resistance.

Multinano-crystal Diamond Micron Powder

Light gray color, blocky shape, friable, multicrystal structure. Size distribution and shape are controlled tightly.




Super abrasives catalouge

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Synthetic diamond grits & powders

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