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As a leader in PDC technology, SFD’s PDC cutters for the Oil & Gas drilling industry are designed for and used in a wide range of O&G drilling applications, and in similar PDC drilling bits used in mining applications.

SFD’s now launched their most recent PDC product line, the SFD PDC pick. Used in a wide variety of specialized applications, SFD’s PDC picks provides the users of conventional carbide picks with a new alternative that gives better performance, longer life, and significant cost savings in their operations.


SFD Advanced PDC Picks

The SFD PDC pick consists of an alloy steel body, a hard-alloy tungsten carbide holder and a super-hard PDC cutter. Each steel pick body has standard design dimensions compatible with all existing pick drums, holders and tools used in various industrial applications. The PDC cutters used in SFD PDC picks are manufactured by SFD using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. They are comprised of a layer of polycrystalline diamond integrally sintered to a tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high pressure and high temperature. PDC cutters combine the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, and provide faster, more durable and more cost-effective drilling, mining and pick/milling performance.

SFD has focused on the development of PDC pick technology for several years, and has achieved excellent performance in numerous tests and evaluations with customers. SFD has launched a new manufacturing production line for PDC picks with 10,800 square meters dedicated to this product, and an investment of 132 million RMB total for PDC pick production, including new machinery and equipment. SFD’s new pick production line is capable of more than 650,000 PDC picks in annual output. 


Innovation Realized – The SFD PDC Pick

Uses super-hard, tough PDC cutters as the pick tip instead of traditional tungsten carbide.

Uses a tungsten carbide mounting holder instead of steel to connect the PDC pick tip to steel body. Tungsten carbide has much better wear resistance and impact resistance than steel. This provides better protection for the steel body and improved abrasion resistance of entire pick assembly. This gives the longer pick life needed to fully utilize the superior performance of the PDC pick tip.


SFD Road Picks

Road picks are the cutting element used in road milling machines. These machines are used in bridge deck leveling, road repair and maintenance operations for both asphalt and concrete pavement types, and similar applications.

SFD introduces the PDC pick tip in place of conventional tungsten carbide picks in its new PDC road pick. These PDC cutter tips provide the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the toughness of tungsten carbide. The use of PDC technology in PDC road picks greatly reduces pick wear, providing longer service life and greatly reducing down-time to change picks. PDC road picks also provide improved milling machine efficiency and lower power consumption. All these factors combine to reduce the cost and speed up the road milling process, providing comprehensive economic benefits to the road-milling contractor and their customer.

The characteristics:

  Ø Suitable for a wide range of asphalt and concrete pavement and road milling applications, matching road milling machine with more than one meter wide milling drum.

  Ø SFD PDC road picks combine the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide.

  Ø SFD PDC road picks are not compatible with milling into manhole covers, metal storm grates and similar materials. Measures must be taken to avoid these during road milling operations.

Application:Road Pick Milling Drum

SFD PDC Mining Picks

The mining pick is the cutting element in mining machines and heading machines used in cutting coal beds and associated rock/overburden. The main performance issue for mining picks are their wear resistance. To make a significant improvement mining pick performance requires a fundamental change in their composition.

SFD’s R&D efforts have resulted in the development of the new SFD PDC mining pick. By using PDC tips instead of carbide tips, these mining picks achieve a significant increase the wear resistance. The life of PDC picks in these applications can be 10 times longer than that of conventional tungsten carbide picks. A key element of the long life of the SFD PDC mining pick is the use of a diamond-impregnated protection layer around the PDC pick tip. This protects the pick body against wear and prolongs the pick-body life to make full use of the PDC pick tip.

SFD PDC mining picks can be widely used in all types of mining machines, heading machines, continuous miners and similar machines and applications. Mining equipment equipped with SFD PDC mining picks achieve much greater efficiency due to the reduction in downtime for pick replacement. This provides a significant increase in the efficiency of the mining operation, and measurably lower costs.


The characteristics:

Ø To use PDC insert as pick tips.

Ø Suitable for a wide range of coal and similar mining / mineral applications.

Ø PDC picks combine the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, which greatly increase wear resistance of pick and prolong pick‘s life.




Application:Integrated Heading Machine


SFD PDC Rotary Drilling Rig Pick

A rotary drilling rig is a construction machine used to drill holes. They are generally suitable for simple drilling in sandy soils, cohesive soils, etc., and used in grouting piles, wall and foundation reinforcement etc. at construction sites. These drilling rigs often use drill heads with replaceable picks. The performance of these rotary drilling picks directly affects the drilling efficiency. Traditional rotary drilling rig picks consists of a steel substrate and a tungsten carbide tip. During the drilling process these picks wear and must be replaced, causing delays in construction operations. The main performance measure of rotary drilling rig picks is their wear resistance. In order to improve the life of ratary drilling picks, the material composition must be changed.

SFD now introduces their new PDC rotary drilling rig pick to this application. Using a PDC pick tip instead of tungsten carbide, the new SFD PDC rotary drilling pick tip has the high hardness and wear resistance of diamond, combined with the strength and toughness of tungsten carbide. Tests show that the SFD PDC rotary drilling rig pick greatly reduce downtime for pick changes compared to conventional tungsten carbide picks. The SFD rotary drilling rig pick provides a significant increase in drilling productivity and reduction in downtime and costs. It is the ideal rotary drilling rig pick for soil and rock drilling.

The characteristics:

Ø Suitable for virtually all applications in construction where costs and performance are an issue.

Ø Combines the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the strength and toughness or tungsten carbide.

Ø The PDC is mounted into a tungsten carbide holder instead of steel, gives the pick body life needed to match the PDC pick tip’s improved performance.



Application: Rotary Drilling Rig Bit


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