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PCD&PCBN inserts 

SF-Diamond PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) is ideal for tools used to machine hard ferrous metal items (HRC45-65) such as high speed steel, bearing steel, cast iron,etc.

It’s typically used to machine brake discs, engine blocks, engine cylinder liners, brake drums, flywheels, valve seats and guides, gears, mold and die parts etc.The surface finish of the workpiece is good, which can replace grinding with turning, greatly improve labor efficiency and effectively reduce production costs.



Tools for machining Automobile Engines

With the development of world automobile industry, automobile industry has become the pillar industryof national economy. The improvement of the automobile's quality and performance demands more and more highly for the automobile engine tools which are used for processing the core component, engine. In order to meet customers requirement, we are always developing and producing special tools for cylinderblock , cylinder head of automobile engines.

Product: PCBN inserts, tools

Processing Part: The engine block and engine cylinder,etc.

Processing way: Turning, finishing

Characters: Dry turning, turning intstead of grinding, high efficiency, the life time is more than five times than coated tools, Ra<0.8μm


Camshaft and crankshaft machining tools


Product: PCBN Cutting tool blanks

Processing Part: Outer circle

Processing way: Turning, finishing

Characters: Dry turning, turning instead of grinding, high efficiency


Tools for machining roll and brake disc


Product: PCBN Cutting tool blanks

Processing Part: Work pieces Outer Circle,head face, bore

Processing way: Turning,rough finish,finishing

Characters: High impact resistance,high wear resistance andhigh removal rate, and rough finish can becompleted once, good surface quality



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