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About us

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R&D Strength

R&D Strength


Good results from constant effort; trust comes from consistent performance.

SF Diamond has  modern working conditions for its production employees as well as its research team and technicians, and its professional office staff.

SFD has  complete production line for PCD in China, and is one of only a few companies with this capability across the globe.

In February 2011, SFD became the first publicly listed company on China’s Shenzhen stock exchange, and the first publicly-held company in the Chinese polycrystalline diamond industry.

SFD’s quality management system is certified to meet the 2008 revision of ISO9001 international standards. It ensures  product consistency and uniformity for each of our products, and guarantees the delivery of defect free products and customer satisfaction.

The company has achieved numerous awards and recognition in China, which support the company’s efforts as it grows its presence.

SFD’s operational philosophy is based on having high quality products, consistent quality, constant innovation and new product development, rapid response to customer needs, timely delivery and value-added service.


Tel : +86-371-66728026 +86-371-66780603
Address : No.109, 10th Street (Economic & Technological Development Area), Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone Zhengzhou Area, 450016, P. R. China

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